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Some Highlights from our Week in School

A brief round up of what the children have been doing in school this week ...

Some highlights from our school this week:  

Year 6 really enjoyed the rugby sessions with the coaches. They have also been writing a an article based on the ceremony in The Hunger Games.

Year 5 have been learning about decimals and fractions in mathematics.

Year 4 have been writing poems based on Joseph Coelho's poem 'Our Tower.' They have also been making trailers for scary films in DT. 

Year 3 have been learning about money in mathematics.

Year 2 have been learning about the lengths of different items in their class. They have also been learning about Cairo in geography.

Year 1 have been retelling a narrative based on 'Handa's Surprise.' 

Reception have been playing Ghanaian music using drums, based on a story they have been reading.

Nursery have been learning about mini beasts and discussing what they look like.