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Road Safety Reminder

The roads around our school are becoming increasingly hazardous.

It is vitally important for the safety of everyone that you stop and park safely, even if it is only for a few minutes to drop your child at school.

 Illegal and inconsiderate parking around the school is causing hazards for road users and pedestrians alike. Inconsiderate parking also creates unnecessary congestion and increases the likelihood of an accident occurring and someone you know being hurt.

Inconsiderate parking can cause real problems for children and parents who are walking in or out of the school, those with pushchairs and also wheelchair users.

Inconsiderate parking has been causing serious interruption to traffic flow, which then causes delays in the public transport system, and can prevent emergency vehicles attending incidents.

When parking you need to respect any parking regulations and the needs of other road users in the area. Please park in a safe location, where you are not causing any obstruction or breaching any traffic regulations.

You must not park:

 · On school entrance markings during school hours.

 · On public footpaths and verges.

 · Partially or fully across a dropped kerb for a driveway.

· On pedestrian crossings and their zigzag markings.

 · Within 10 metres of a junction.

· Around a bend where oncoming traffic has a restricted view.

· On school zig-zags, double yellow and single yellow lines (during controlled hours) and in time limited areas for longer than allowed.

· At taxi ranks and bus stops

· In disabled parking bays unless you are entitled and displaying a valid blue disabled badge.

To ease congestion around the school please consider:

· Walking part of the way to school by parking away from the school entrance and walking the last 5 or 10 minutes. Walking half a mile only takes between 8 and 17 minutes. How many calories you burn depends on how fast you walk!

· Sharing the school run. If you have to drive to school then get together with other parents who need to go by car and take it in turns to drive.