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Clive Efford MP Visited Year 2

They questioned him about sustainability!

The Year 2 team thought it would be a great idea to write a letter of persuasion to an MP.  In the letter, the children are proposing the idea of adding recycling bins to Cator Park to make Kidbrooke greener. The children were very lucky to have a visit from Clive Efford, the MP for Eltham. The children prepared various questions in advance. Here are some standout questions that were asked:

What are you currently doing to make our local area more sustainable? What can we do to encourage our local community to recycle more?

We also had a child in Year 2 who came prepared with a set of informative questions to ask Clive:

The children really enjoyed the visit from Clive, and it was a great stimulus for making the children passionate about their English outcome. They found all the information Clive told them to be very inspiring, and I think we may have a lot of eco warriors now in Year 2!