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Good-Bye Mr Arding

We are deeply saddened to see Mr. Arding leave Wingfield after over six years of dedicated service.

As an integral member of our school community, he has driven both children and staff to success in all areas. Mr. Arding is moving to Shalford Primary School, a Compass School in Essex, where he will be Head of School. We wish him all the best in his new role!

He gave us a final interview before he left:

·  What are some of your favourite memories at Wingfield?

Too many to mention – school trips and journeys with Mr. Mitakos (including a hair-raising run for a train at one point), building fairy gardens in Year Two, traumatising a whole school by dressing in a very unflattering David Bowie costume one day, playing an increasingly elaborate prank about a swimming pool on the roof with a Year Four class, the day I ripped my trousers running into a glass door … it’s been a journey…

·  What will you miss most about Wingfield?

 My colleagues, who have always inspired me and made me smile.

·  What has Wingfield taught you?

 That I could be a leader; I never believed that until I arrived here.

·  Where are you going to next?

A wonderful school in Essex called Shalford.  It’s the complete opposite of Wingfield; it’s 150 years old, it’s tiny, it’s rural, and it’s a whole new challenge.

·  What final message do you have for the school?

Our curriculum doesn’t tell you the whole picture.  It tells you about a few people who changed the world.  But most of us aren’t those people; most of us just change our own worlds.  The world is only made a better place by us being kind to those around us.  They don’t build statues for these acts, but they matter the most: small acts of kindness.