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YEar Six School Journey

The Year Six School Journey to to the Isle of Wight was a great success!

The children thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the trip, particularly sharing rooms with their friends and visiting all the main attractions that the island has to offer. Here are some of their favourite memories:

Summer: I loved the glass factory. It was fascinating to see how glass is made.

Isaac: The theme park was great. I loved the 360 ride!

Barrak: The disco because it was fun, and we all had a great dance.

Thiziri: The water slides at the theme park because it was scary but fun.

Zac: I got to try new food. I loved the sausages in particular!

Promise: The model village because I could search for these miniature squirrels.

Jason: I particularly liked the rollercoasters at Blackgang Chine.

Deniz: I loved when we visited the famous needles on the boat.

Erik: I would say the disco and going to the theme park.

Umar: I would say the disco as I experienced crowd-surfing, which is crazy.

Filipa: The glass factory because it was interesting to see how the colours and shapes were made.

Breanna: The disco because it was a perfect opportunity to spend time with everyone in the year group.